Brooke & Alex {ENGAGED}

AHHH I just love this couple!! They are so in love and excited to get married. Brooke and Alex both went to Virginia Tech and fell in love. For their engagement shoot we started at a little park with a barn and then headed over to Loch Raven Reservoir. The weather was gorgeous and the lighting was perfect. 

Here is the story of the proposal from Brooke's point of view!! She is an English major and has an awesome writing style. Alex had set up mason jars with love notes for Brooke along the path in the woods. The story picks up here...

With a giant grin from ear to ear, Alex opens the jar. There is a little box. It is navy blue. Okay this is IT. This is it. He’s proposing. He’s doing this. Breathe!

Kneeling before me in the foot deep snow, he opens the box. My jaw drops. In front of me is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I imagined this moment a thousand times, but never did I picture a ring as beautiful as this.

“Brooke, will you marry me?”

I stand there frozen solid like the flakes of snow that surround us. Is this real? Is this really happening? Oh my gosh. Breathe. Breathe. You’re not breathing.

Years pass.

“Well are you going to answer me?” he asks with a laugh that spoke life back into me.

YES! YES! YES! Say the words. You’re not saying it out loud! Breathe! Say it! Scream it!

Nodding furiously up and down as warm tears begin to melt me, I watch him stand up.

“Can I put this on you?”

More nodding. More crying. Less breathing.

He slides the ring onto my finger as I watch numb with disbelief. I look at the ring that would forever live where he had just placed it. I crack.


“It’s real. We’re engaged.”

Doubling over, I try to catch my breath. As I come up, Alex carefully takes off my sunglasses and kisses me. I plunge my face into his chest this is real.

I plunge my face into his chest this is happening.

SO SWEET!! I love hearing the story from the Bride. Enjoy these engagement pictures of Brooke & Alex!