Celebrating Mom

Last Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day at VT and were able to have the whole family together! It was so fun to have a day to celebrate my sweet mom.

As the oldest, I have the special privilege of knowing my mom the longest out of my other siblings. It has been so great to develop an amazing friendship with my mom. I am so thankful for her! 

She does such a good job of caring and loving each of us individually. One of our favorite things to do together is cook! In case you didn't already know, my mom is an AMAZING cook. She is also really great at other things like caring for her friends and serving through Moveable Feast in the city. Every week she takes meals to Moveable Feast patients and has developed beautiful relationships with each of them.

This past weekend she did a Moveable Feast bike ride from Ocean City, Maryland all the way to Baltimore! 140 miles to raise money for those less fortunate who need meals throughout the week. SO proud of you mom! I have a few pictures at the bottom of the post from the end of her ride :)

For Mother's Day this year, we gave my mom new pictures of us in frames that go up our stairs. The pictures from before were about 8 years old and needed to be updated! I took pictures of Austin, Erin and Luke while my picture was taken by the fabulous Katelyn James. My mom loved them!

Since we weren't at home for Mother's Day, I put the pictures in the frames before we left so that when she got home she would see them! We celebrated Mother's Day at VT in a cute little Starbucks. We have a tradition of putting a page together of pictures and a letter from the past year saying what we were thankful for that year in our mom (and dad on Father's Day). We read her our page to her and she felt so loved! We also got her some beautiful orchids that were interesting in the 5 hour drive home :)

Enjoy these pictures from our Mother's Day, along with the before and after of the pictures in the frames!