Chris & Lindy | Engaged {Old Town Alexandria in Alexandria, VA}

Chris and Lindy are such a sweet couple. They live in Crystal City with their adorable pup Harper and are getting married next Spring! We did their engagement session around Old Town Alexandria and it was a beautiful evening. We were so glad it didn't rain! 

Here is their love story from Lindy's perspective: 

Chris and I met for the first time in 2014 while we were both attending different law schools in DC. We had both received summer job offers from the same law firm, and met while attending a dinner hosted by the firm. We both ended up accepting our offers and worked together the next summer. We became fast friends during that summer and kept in touch while finishing our last year of law school and studying for the bar exam, and both returned to the firm full time after graduating. A few months later, and with a little hesitation from Lindy, who required some convincing and woo'ing from Chris, we went on our first date. It was at a Washington Wizard's basketball game after a partner at the firm gave Lindy his courtside seats. Chris was worried Lindy would offer the tickets to someone else, so he quickly said he would go despite having way too much work to make it. A few furious hours of working later, we went to the game... and the rest was history! We already knew we were great friends, and we quickly became best friends and have been basically inseparable ever since. Working at the same firm means we see each other all day long, which is great, and our mutual friends at the firm have seen our relationship blossom. We're now known as "that" couple who is always together! And we wouldn't have it any other way!

And the proposal story!

In February 2018, we took our dog Harper for a walk at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. (It was freezing that day, and I suggested that maybe we should go another weekend when it was a little warmer, but Chris was insistent!) Chris tried to plan for a bit of privacy and quiet, and getting a little outside the city and into a beautiful park worked perfectly. After walking for a bit, we reached a bench and Chris suggested that we should take a break, and that's where he asked. Later that night, he surprised me with dinner with both of our parents; his flew in from Georgia, and mine drove down from Maryland. Of course, the planning began long before that. Chris spent a lot of time (with some guidance at the start from Lindy...) picking out the perfect ring, which was difficult to do as we work and live together, so finding time to sneak out and do some ring shopping was tough. After some consultation with one of Lindy's closest friends, the rose gold ring and diamond arrived and burned a hole in Chris's pocket for weeks. He even started carrying extra random things in his pockets so they would look bigger and Lindy wouldn't suspect when he actually had the ring and box in his pocket! He should have realized, though, that Lindy, smart as ever, was on to him from the start and knew exactly what was happening... but loved the surprise dinner with family and the whole day regardless!

Enjoy these images from Chris and Lindy's summer engagement session! 

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