Claire & Tyler {Proposal}

My best friend since middle school got engaged last weekend!!!! Claire and I met in a church youth group and have been besties ever since. We stayed close through high school, then I went to JMU and she went to Virginia Tech. We made many visits back and forth and I am so glad we stayed so close. I don't know what I would do without her :)

Claire met Tyler her freshman year and they started dating soon after. The have been dating the past 4 years and are now FINALLY engaged!!! I couldn't be happier for them.

The day after my brothers wedding, Kevin, a couple friends and I set up a pathway of 400 candles with a blanket Tyler had made for the proposal laying out with the ring inside. It was so special to set everything up and make it as perfect for Claire as possible!

Here is the proposal story from Claire's point of view: 

Because Virginia Tech is where we met and we spent a lot of time at the Foxridge duck pond, a path of 400 candles lead us to a beautiful circle of candles in front of the water that surrounded this blanket. Tyler collected shirts for 2 years that were symbolic of our relationship and time together! Each block of the blanket is in chronological order and he explained each one before he asked me to marry him. Next to the last picture at the bottom is stitched "Marry Me?" with a heart pocket that contained the ring! I said yes :)

Everything went perfect except for a family that was having a cookout RIGHT before Tyler was bringing Claire! I was scared they wouldn't leave but we kindly asked them to move to the other side of the lake and thank goodness they did. Kevin filmed the whole proposal and I took pictures of it!

It was fun to watch the whole proposal from behind a tree and capture this sweet moment in their life. After Tyler proposed, Kevin, Dawson and I ran over with balloons and gave our congratulations to the newly engaged couple! Then we went out to celebrate at Macadoo's (an awesome restaurant at VT) with a few more friends and an awesome pair of sunglasses that said "Bride to Be" for Claire. It was an amazing day and I couldn't be happier for my best friend.

Here are the pictures of the proposal and a VIDEO of it at the end of the post!! Enjoy :)