Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

27 Years ago today my parents got married!! After attending 10 weddings this summer, I have officially become immersed in the planning and watching of people getting married. I am so happy for everyone that I had the chance to celebrate with this summer! It really is amazing to think that my parents were in that same stage of life I am in now where all their friends were getting married.

My parents met in a co-ed bible study, and then fell in love through long distance while my dad was working and my mom was on Young Life staff. Then they got married and had the four of us! One thing they always made sure to do while we were growing up was to have date night. Almost every week they would go out to dinner together to continue the pursuit and romance :) I am so grateful they took time to enjoy each other's company on a consistant basis. 

The most admirable thing about my parents relationship is their separate relationships with Christ and their love for each other. They both have such deep relationships with Christ, and it is very much reflected in their marriage. The vows that they took 27 years ago still stand true today. I look up to them so much separately and together, and am so blessed to have them as parents. Of course they are not perfect, but in their imperfections they choose to forgive and show grace.

Here are two pictures I took of them in Maine in their special chairs where they spend time with God in the morning together :)

Mom and Dad, thank you for getting married and blessing the four of us kids with a beautiful picture of marriage! I hope that on my 27th anniversary I will be as in love and joyful as the two of you are. Thank you for putting Christ first in your marriage, each other second and then us kids third. I love you both so much!