Happy Fifth Anniversary, Kev!

Five beautiful years! Each year brings a different season and I love going through each one with you. You are officially very outnumbered in our house, surrounded by girls! We love having you as the man of the house and it is a blessing to watch you love on our daughters.

Each year since we have been married we have taken a photo of the two of us at this line of trees in Hunt Valley. Watching our family grow through these images makes me thankful to God for His blessing of you and our girls! Five years in, many more to go.

So thankful for you, Kevin. Happy Anniversary!!

Five Years and Counting!




Five Months Pregnant with Payton


Payton at 7 months

2017Yearly Marriage Fall Tree Pic 2017-2_Maryland-Family-photographer-anna-grace-photography-photo.jpg


Left: Pregnant with Hallie at 39 weeks, Payton at 20 months | Right: Hallie at 1-week-old

A few of our gorgeous wedding photos by the talented Katelyn James!

The left picture above is the day after Payton was born and the right picture is the day after Hallie was born. Our two greatest treasures! I love being a parent with you, babe. Excited for this next year of raising two girls!