Introducing Teal Tuesday! A look behind the loom

I am SO excited to announce that I will now be posting all about my favorite color teal on Tuesday's! I will be posting random things in my life that are teal that I love with beautiful pictures. 

For the first week, I decided to post about a gorgeous teal and aqua blanket that I made on a loom in college. I am sure you are thinking, what the heck is a loom? A loom is what you weave a blanket on - very old school but so sweet! 

I went to James Madison University (Go Dukes!) and had the opportunity to take art classes other than graphic design and photography. Weaving was one of them, and it was an incredible class! It was very time consuming but the end product is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

I took introduction to weaving my Junior year, and then took Intermediate weaving my Senior year. The blanket you will see today I wove my senior year after lots of practice :). 

I wanted to show you a little behind the scenes of the process of making a blanket on a loom so here it is! Enjoy these pictures of the start to finish process of my teal blanket!