John & Emily | Engaged {Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore, MD}

John and Emily are engaged! They are getting married next summer at Pond View Farm and couldn't be more excited. You may recognize Emily from Missy and Mike's wedding at Dulany's Overlook this past spring. Emily and Missy are sisters and now they are both AGP brides! This will be the third set of sisters we have photographed and each celebration has been amazing. I love getting to know these wonderful families and capturing special memories for each of them.

We did John and Emily's engagement session at Loch Raven Reservoir and it was a gorgeous fall afternoon day. The pups loved being in some of the pictures and smiling for the camera! It was very windy, but these two didn't care. They are very much in love and can't wait to become husband and wife.

Here is their love story from Emily's perspective! 

John and I were about a year in the making. Shortly after starting my new job, my boss who knew I was single mentioned her son had a "nice" friend. Sure, it peaked my interest but I have dated and searched high and low for my prince charming and in Baltimore no guy is ever just "nice". I politely declined, unsure if it was good to mix business with pleasure and went on about my way! But for some reason he always stayed in the back of my mind, and I always wondered if she would bring him up to me again, perhaps at a time I would finally agree to go out! I really never heard about him again for months until he was helping out at said boss' sons house. He was still "nice" John who was single, had his own home, and a wonderful job. Bonus points for being a huge Orioles and Ravens fan! I was once again in her office complaining about the dating scene in Baltimore. It was at this point my boss said that was it. She was giving John my number. John texted me on Valentines day for the first time. Even wished me a Happy Valentines Day which I was super thoughtful, and bold! We went out that Saturday and it was just one of those when you know, you know moments. We had an awesome first date talking all night. And we couldn't wait to see each other again. I think i knew right away he was the one, but after he met my mom and saw how much she adored him too, that sealed the deal I was smitten.

And the proposal! 

Well apparently John had the ring in our house for 3 weeks!! We had discussed a timeline somewhat (I am in grad school so trying to balance both wedding and school seemed a little difficult so wanted to plan ....and lets be real I am 100% a total planner and control freak), so I kind of knew it was coming but when and how exactly totally was up to John! My birthday came and went and so came Friday night dinner just the two of us. Again, no ring. By 4:00 pm Saturday I had it in my head it really wasn't happening that weekend, John was just acting way too normal and calm. Off we went to meet up with my family at McFauls for my birthday dinner, a place we always go. We got out at the valet and as I headed to the side entrance, THAT WE ALWAYS GO IN... Johns arm was directing me towards the front entrance. To which I was saying no, no we go in the side! (control freak again). I then looked over and noticed the McFauls sign was lit up and by the lights were two champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne. At this point it is all a bit of a blur, and lots of happy tears, but John got down on one knee and asked "Will you marry me" with the biggest smile on his face. I am pretty sure I said yes! As we hugged, our families both came out to greet us and hug us. I knew my family would be there but it was a total surprise his family would join too! After dinner as we made our way to the bar area, they had setup another surprise. All of my closest girlfriends and more of my family had joined to celebrate. Needless to say they left this control freak speechless and crying happy tears yet again. Definitely the best night of my life where I can firmly say all my dreams came true...and can only imagine how amazing our wedding will be!

Enjoy these images from John and Emily's fall engagement session! 

You two are adorable! We can't wait to capture your big day next year. Want to see another fun fall shoot with pups? Check out James and Maggie's Anniversary session at Carousel Park