Katie & Allan {MARRIED}

Katie and Allan are such a beautiful couple and are now MARRIED! I am great friends with Katie's sister Meghan, and when Katie got engaged, she wanted to hire me to be with her on her big day.

After an amazing engagement shoot at Loch Raven, I couldn't wait until the wedding. The day was such a blast and I really enjoyed shooting the wedding. Erik Annis and I shot the wedding together, and it was great having his experience and calm personality with me during the day. 

We found a beautiful field to take portrait pictures in and Katie and Allan totally rocked it! They were so happy and in love the whole day, which made the moments so fun to capture.

After the wedding, Katie and Allan wanted to go BOWLING with their family and friends. Kevin and I went to snap a few shots, and it was so fun seeing sweet Katie bowling in her wedding dress! There was a little kids party happening before we set up at our lanes and all the little girls were looking at Katie, so jealous of how gorgeous she was in her beautiful dress!

The day was perfect and the couple was gorgeous! Enjoy these pictures of Katie and Allan's big day!