Kelly & Andrew {ENGAGED}

Post numero dos about Kelly & Andrew (that Spanish was for you Kelly)! I recently took secret pictures of Andrew proposing to Kelly at JMU at the chalk wall! You can see the full story and proposal in their previous post.

This post is all about their engagement session! The BEST part about this photo shoot was that the awesome couple had been engaged less than 24 hours so they were still glowing. The pictures really do reflect how in love they are! 

We went to this awesome lake near Blue Hole that Kelly & Andrew had been to for dates a few times, which was so beautiful and secluded. Kelly was so excited for the engagement pictures she bought a new dress from Target! I am so glad she picked the one she did because the colors are GORGEOUS on her.

After the lake, we took a few shots on the JMU quad and on the classic kissing rock! The couple decided they wanted to wait until they were engaged to kiss on the actual kissing rock, because legend says you marry the person you kiss on the kissing rock. It was so fun to photograph that moment!

The engagement shoot was a blast. I love these two much and am SO EXCITED to shoot their wedding next summer!!! They are such a wonderful couple and it is so evident how much they seek to glorify Christ in their relationship.

Enjoy these pictures of the newly engaged Kelly & Andrew!