Kristy & Austin's Baltimore Wedding Celebrations

My brother and his hokie fiance Kristy are getting married in EXACTLY ONE MONTH! SOOO crazy my little bro is getting married, but I couldn't be happier for him :) SInce the wedding is in Blacksburg, VA and is 5 hours away from Baltimore, my family decided to have a couple wedding celebrations in town for Austin and Kristy before the wedding.

We started out by throwing a Baltimore Wedding Celebration for Austin and Kristy for all of the people in Baltimore that have poured into Austin throughout his lifetime. Family and lots of friends gathered together to celebrate with Austin and Kristy at the Elmer's gorgeous house. It was a litte hot outside, but it was still so much fun. We ate delicious fruit, Bdubs wings and cupcakes.

After dinner, my dad stood up front and had it planned that the 5 men that spoke wisdom into Austin as early as age 13 would come up and give Austin and Kristy a little Godly wisdom as they are moving into marriage. Pat Goodman, Scott Buresh, John Cummings, Eric Becker, Brian Marden, and my dad all spoke beautiful truths from scripture and it was such a blessing to Austin and Kristy. It is amazing to see the people that have come around our family and loved us as their own. We are truly blessed.

Two days after this amazing party, my moms girlfriends threw a Bridal Shower for Kristy! She got LOTS of kitchen stuff so she can cook for my sweet brother in Charlotte. My mom also helped put a cookbook together for Kristy and Austin (she is one of the best cooks in the world!) which each person who came contributed to. It was also amazing to see all of these women who love my mom and Austin so much to bring Kristy in as a part of our family.

After opening gifts and eating more delicious cupcakes, we had a time of sharing one piece of advice for how Kristy can love Austin in the beginning of their marriage. It was very special to hear from all the married women about how God has taught them how to love their husbands better over the years. After lots of advice and funny stories from Ginger, we prayed over Kristy. It was a beautiful time!

I can't believe my brother has moved to Charlotte and will be living with his new wife in a month! I am so excited for the wedding!

Enjoy these pictures from the Baltimore Party and the Bridal Shower :)