LIZ & KYLE {Baltimore, MD}

Liz and I became friends many years ago when we were in middle school together. We reconnected after college and were both in serious relationships. Now I am married, and Liz is ENGAGED and getting married next Summer!!! I am so excited for her and Kyle!

Here is their proposal story from Liz's perspective: 

One beautiful fall evening in September, Kyle took me out on a date downtown. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory, walked along the water, and enjoyed the evening just as we had on our first date in Baltimore. I should have suspected something was up, but I was positive that Kyle wasn't going to propose that night. I even joked with him that I'd be able to tell when he was going to propose because he would be nervous. He gave me no indication that it was coming! After a great night downtown, Kyle and I went back to my house. It was late, so I was ready to get to bed.

As I walked upstairs, I was greeted at my bedroom door by two of my roommates who had been instructed to make sure I didn't change out of my "cute clothes" while Kyle and some other friends set up everything downstairs. A few minutes later, I heard something repeatedly hitting my window. I was scared, so of course my initial reaction was to ask my roommates to go check who it was. However, they finally convinced me to open the window and see who was throwing the rocks. (It actually took so long for me to open the window that Kyle ran out of rocks and had to start using pennies.) Kyle called for me to come downstairs for a few minutes.

As I walked out into the hallway, I was greeted by candles and rose petals descending down the steps and out onto one of the porches. Kyle waited for me at the bottom of the stairs and lead me outside to one of the porches that was beautifully decorated with candles, roses, and christmas lights. He played me our song on his guitar, "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz, and then pulled out the ring! I was speechless! It was truly the perfect end to an incredible night and I am so excited to be marrying my best friend!

We went to a couple places in Baltimore for their shoot. While we were at the first place, I thought it would be a good idea to get a few shots in the corn field. It was a good idea until I got zapped by the wire that was around the field. Ouch!!! But TOTALLY worth the shots!! These two are so photogenic and in love. Enjoy these shots from their sweet fall engagement shoot!