Melrose in Kevin's Basement + celebrating 2 years together!

My boyfriend Kevin and I celebrated our two year anniversary of dating this past weekend! I am so thankful to be dating such a wonderful man of God who makes me laugh and pushes me to be more like Christ. I am so blessed to be dating Kevin and I can't wait to celebrate more years together with my love and best friend.

Kevin had an amazing date planned for us the weekend before our two year. When I was at school at JMU and Kevin was at Virginia Tech, we went to an InterVarsity dance at JMU called Melrose! It was our first date and that is where it all began. We went the following year as well and had an amazing time. Since we have both graduated from college and moved back home, we weren't able to go to Melrose this year so Kevin brought it to us!

He decorated his basement with lights, cut out snowflakes hung to the ceiling and played a mix cd with all of our songs on it. SO SWEET! I felt so special and blessed to have a fun night of dancing and taking pictures on self-timer just the two of us.

Yes, all of these pictures were taken with self-timer which seems silly but it was really fun and we were able to capture the sweet moment :). The next weekend he showed up with BEAUTIFUL pink lilies!

We had another amazing date on Friday seeing the lights in Hampden (downtown Baltimore) and a delicious dinner at The Melting Pot. Enjoy these pictures from Melrose in Kevin's basement and a few from our anniversary date! Hands down best date ever.

We starated the night with our classic Melrose pose that we did each year we went!