Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! Normally for Mother's Day each of us kids write a page about they past year and what we appreciate about her as well as a page of pictures from that past year. This year I wanted to make Mother's Day special for my mom, so I made a book with a picture from each year of my life with her. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom! 

"I wanted to make you a special book this year because you have been my mom for 25 years. I love that you have known me the longest out of anyone on this planet because I started out in your belly :) You have been an amazing mom the past 25 years and I am so thankful for you. Thank you for having me and bringing me into this world. God has worked so much in our relationship over the years and I am so glad. We have both grown in our walk with Him and with each other. I can't imagine my life without you and I can't wait for the next 25 years! I love you so much mom. Happy Mother's Day! "

She loved the book and it was fun looking through each picture and memory together. Some of the pictures are pretty old and go through my awkward years but it was still fun to put together :) Here are the pictures that were in the book!

Happy Mother's Day! Being a mother is a beautiful gift and I am so thankful for mine :) I love you Mom!