My Love for the Kelly Moore Bag

I know I did a post about my Kelly Moore bag last summer, but I added to my collection and am so pumped about it!

A funny thing happened on my birthday. My parents and Kevin both got me the same Kelly Moore bag for my birthday in different colors. I had mentioned to Kevin that I wanted it for Christmas and then told my parents about it for my birthday. Kevin told me I should just tell my parents to get it for me because he was going to get me something else. Funny enough they both know me so well and got me the same bag!  

I decided I wanted to exchange the one my parents got me for a different style and thankfully Kelly Moore allowed me to do that and pay the difference! Now I have both of the bags I wanted in beautiful colors. I am very thankful.

Kelly Moore makes camera bags that look like beautiful purses. The bags have protective space for lenses, camera body, batteries, flashes, etc. They are great for engagement shoots and weddings when you are walking to different locations and need to quickly switch lenses. 

The new teal bag, the B-Hobo, is great because it has a flap over and a zipper so everything stays safe inside. The new camel Songbird bag is great because there is a whole part of the bag that holds the memory cards and credit cards. The credit card slips are perfect since I don't care an extra purse/wallet around during shoots.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful bags!