Super Bowl Champs {BALTIMORE RAVENS}

The past few days have been so awesome since we WON THE SUPER BOWL!!! The Ravens haven't been in the Super Bowl since 2000, so it was a big and exciting ending to our season. It is sad to see Ray Lewis retiring, but I am so glad he was able to go out as a champion.

Yesterday was the parade in downtown Baltimore. Over 200,000 fans lined the streets to congratulate the players! It was SOOOO freezing but really fun to see all the players and be surrounded by purple fans :)

Our family is good friends with the long snapper Morgan Cox and his wife Lauren. Kevin and I have loved getting to know them and celebrate this time with them. We saw them on the float during the parade so in the video when I am shouting 'Morgan, Morgan' I am not a crazy stalker fan I was just so excited for them!

I went downtown with one of my best friends Meg, Keith, her sister and boyfriend. In case you didn't get to go to the parade you can check out these pics and WATCH THE VIDEO at the end of the post! CONGRATS RAVENS!!!

(Of course we stopped for some warm yummy Chick-Fil-A after!) I am so proud to be a fan in a town that loves their team and city so much.