Teal Tuesday: A Day in My Life at Blue Ocean Ideas

This month marks 2 years of working as the lead graphic designer at Blue Ocean Ideas. It has been incredible to work for a company who cares about me and also encourages me to thrive. I have learned SO much about print design, UI, UX, typography, web design, and how to be a great designer.

This past year has been a huge year of growth for me. Through designing several postcards, websites, logos, emails, and posters I have learned that I need to push myself to create a better product that is more meaningful each time. I have also learned that the "why" behind what I am designing is just as important as the aesthetic. It is crucial to have a purpose behind every piece.

It is amazing how much leadership plays in to loving your job. My two bosses, Greg and Brody, have been so encouraging and push me to grow in my skills to be come better. Thank you Greg and Brody for believing in me two years ago and for continuing to be my greatest advocates in growing to be the best designer I can be for Blue Ocean Ideas. 

It has been tough being the full time designer at Blue Ocean Ideas and also having a growing photography business on the side. My photography business is the perfect second outlet for me to continue to be creative and then bring back inspiration to my work with Blue Ocean. 

I can't believe I have been working at Blue Ocean Ideas for two years now! I can't wait to continue to see how God uses me in this position in 2013. I love working with amazing people and look forward to this next year.

Watch this video to see a day in my life at Blue Ocean Ideas! There is a lot of teal in the video :)

Here are some of my favorite memories, snapshots, and a few pieces of work from the past two years.

I hope you also get to do what you love everyday. Happy Teal Tuesday! To see another post about Blue Ocean Ideas check out the launching of our new website!

Blue Ocean Ideas exists to help organizations tell the truth about who they are, faster. If you are interested in working with us shoot us an email at info@blueoceanideas.net :)