Teal Tuesday: Birthday Celebration

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 25 birthday. So crazy! I had a great time celebrating with Kevin and my family. Kevin and I walked around the park a little because it was such a gorgeous day out. We snapped some fun shots.

Kevin was really creative this year and came home with a teal box. I opened it up and there were two little baby horse stuffed animals and a card that said NEIGH on the front. It was his way of gifting a horseback trail ride! It was so thoughtful and I can't wait to go horseback riding with him. 

Then we celebrated with my family with delicious crab cakes and birthday cake. This is one of the first years that all my siblings weren't home for my birthday so we skyped them in. Erin on one iPad and Austin and Kristy on the other. It felt like they were celebrating with us :)

Here are some pictures of Kevin's sweet gift and pictures with the fam! I am so grateful for Kev and my family and am so humbled by the blessings they bring to my life.