Teal Tuesday: Pantone Colors & Colorstrology

Our team at Blue Ocean Ideas went to NYC last week (post to come soon!) and I bought this awesome little book at the MOMA Design Store. I was in heaven! 

I picked up this book to see what color the author decided to choose for my birthday and guess what it happened to be....greenish TEAL! After I saw the color I was hooked and had to read all the descriptions of my families birthdays. I don't believe in horoscopes or things of that nature but I did find this book very interesting. Here is what my birthday, March 20th, said:


"If you were born on this day... You are not afraid to be unusual of different and are willing to stand up for your beliefs. It is vital that you have a spiritual or soulful connection in life. A mundane existence will sap your spirit and energy. It is important for you to continue to believe. Never let cynicism or negative feelings interfere with your storytelling and your gift for communication."

They were fun to read and see how accurate it was to the personalities of the persons birthday. What is also cool about the book is it has the actual Pantone color (PMS) of the page at the bottom of the book. As a designer, I use Pantone colors all the time for logo design. In case you didn't know,Pantone is a company known for the Pantone Matching System used in the manufacture of colored paint, fabrics, & plastics.

Having this book will be helpful if I don't have the actual Pantone book around! I can flip through the pages and look for a unique color for inspiration or a logo identity project.

I took some pictures of the pages from my birthday and everyone in my immediate families birthdays. Plus Kevin's of course :) Obviously not everything is true - but it is cool to see how some of the traits are pretty close to accurate. Either way - it is a fun coffee table book! If you want to get it you can buy it here

Enjoy the beautiful colors!