Teal Tuesday: Personalized Earring Frame

This is a special Teal Tuesday to showcase my sister's AMAZING artistic skills! It is so funny how people assume I can draw/paint because I am a creative artist. Just to throw it out there not all artists can draw and paint :) My specialties are design, typography and photography.

Erin, on the other hand, is extremely crafty, an awesome painter and very creative! It is fun to have the creative part in common :)

When our family was in Charlotte for Thanksgiving, Erin wanted to handmake her secret santa gift for Leslie. Thanks to Pinterest, she learned out to make this BEAUTIFUL frame made of burlap that holds earrings. She painted it our favorite color TEAL and put Leslie's first initial on the burlap. She also made one for herself with an E on it. They turned out amazing!

Since she loves making these sweet gifts, she is SELLING THEM!!! She can make one with any letter, any color, and get it to you before Christmas. It's the perfect personalized gift! You can place your order through her Etsy page! 

Enjoy these pictures of the process and finished product at the end!

There is Erin with her sweet friend Leslie who loved the gift! If you want to buy a personalized frame from Erin, you can place your order through her Etsy page!