Teal Tuesday: The Client Experience

A year and a half ago I had the pleasure of going to The Katelyn James Workshop Experience. I was just starting out my business and it was EXTREMELY helpful in boosting my confidence in getting into the business of photography. She shared lots of wonderful tips but one of the most important things she does for her clients is make the EXPERIENCE of the wedding day and after over the top. After watching my brother hire her to photograph his wedding, I knew why everyone wanted to be one of "Katelyn James's Brides". She is awesome!

This Teal Tuesday is a little behind the scenes of the experience I give my clients through the way I deliver my images. Last year I was using CD's with a printed label but I realized that some people have Macbook Air's and can't use CD's. Flash drives are the way to go because they can fit in any computer and don't get as easily lost as CD's do. I ordered my flash drives from Flashbay. They are a little pricey but I wanted a very custom look to mine for the best experience for my client :)

So I decided to order some with my logo and website on each one. I added a touch of my brand color teal with a sweet little ribbon. I started using these flash drives this year and my clients already love it! I package it up in a cute little box with teal tissue paper and they love it. Going the extra mile with making their pictures feel more important than just a CD shows that you care about their images and want them to stay protected.

I want my client to be able to have a "hard copy" of their images with the flash drive but I also want them to be able to have digital copies to access anytime. So when I am ready to deliver my images I mail them the flash drive, as well as send them a Dropbox link to their images. That way they can access them at any time from an iPad or any device to show people. This system has been working well for me so far this year and I love it! 

Branding yourself in as many places as possible is a great way to get your name out their. If my client has a friend over and they see the flash drive on the table they may ask, oh what is that how cool! They will see the logo and my website and possibly go to it. It is marketing that continues after you work with your client. Plus the flash drive is really pretty :) No matter what industry you work in it is important to brand yourself in a way that people will see your logo and immediately think of your work and who you are. Choosing to send my images through a custom flash drive rather than a boring CD is one way I decided would bless my clients and make it more fun to receive their images.

Here are some shots of my custom flash drives. If you are one of my amazing 2013 clients you will be receiving one with your images on it!