Teal Tuesday: The Truth Will Set You Free

This Teal Tuesday is a continuation from my family's trip to Maine. One of the things we love to do in Maine is paint rocks for our friends. The beaches in maine are mostly "rock beaches", which gives us lots of options of sizes and shapes of rocks to paint! 

My mom started off this tradition when we were young, and then Erin and I started to join her every year when we were old enough. We mostly write scriptures on the rocks because we want to bless people with God's truth. My mom and I have also started painting wedding rocks for our friends that are married with their last name on it. It is a way to add a little personal decoration to their house!

Every year I would look forward to choosing a verse for my mom to paint on a rock for me. I have the rocks around my room, one in my office and around the house I live in. They are beautiful decorations and always remind me to continue trusting in Christ. It is so true that the truth will set you free - the truth that Christ is enough for you and loves you so much. It is comforting to remember those truths especially on the hard days.

When I started painting rocks for my friends, I choose a verse that would hopefully be encouraging to them. It is also fun to customize the colors and theme to the person I am painting it for! One year I also painted a rock for each of my small group girls :) I always enjoy giving gifts that I have made because I can make them personal to the person I am giving it to.

The rock that this Teal Tuesday is focused on is one I painted for my good friend Lauren. We both share a love for teal and decided to give each other something teal whenever we celebrate our birthdays. Lauren's birthday was last Saturday, so it was perfect timing for me to paint her a rock in Maine! The verse I chose to paint on her rock is one that I cling to a lot.

"I trust in Your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me." -Psalm 13

I love this verse because it is when I am trusting in Christ's love for me that I can better love others. Also the fact that Jesus has rescued us from hell is something to rejoice about. I can't wait to spend eternity with Him! Thank you Lord for the cross.

I wanted to take you through the process of painting this rock and also show you some rocks from previous years I have painted! After choosing the verse, I paint the decoration around the rock. Then I paint the verse several times and in this case, paint another color overtop of the words that I want to stick out. Then I paint the back with a little message as well as painting the little rock that will support the main rock. Lastly, we shellack the rock so that it seals it and makes it shiny. 

Enjoy this Teal Tuesday!!