The Katelyn James Workshop Experience

First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you each have a day filled with thankfulness and loving time with your family and friends. I wanted to post The Katelyn James Workshop Experience today because I am so thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to spend the day with Katelyn James and learn from her. I am also so thankful for photography and the joy it brings to my life.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to meet the beautiful Katelyn James and spend the day learning how to be a better wedding photographer! I was SO excited to go to this workshop because I have been following Katelyn's blog for a while now and admire her and her work so much. So the day finally came and all 17 of us photographers arrived in Richmond ready to learn.

Katelyn taught us many useful tools about lighting, working with clients and how to run your photography business better. It was so helpful! After lunch we had the opportunity to photograph an amazing couple that were recently married. Katelyn showed us how she works with clients and let us be a fly on the wall. It was great to see how confident she makes her clients feel and how it really is more about the experience of working with her than the photographs. 

We spent the next few hours photographing Annamarie and her husband Ryan in a wedding dress and tux as if they had their wedding that day. Katelyn set up a sample wedding with a table of details, a cake and beautiful flowers. It was great to have the opportunity to practice what Katelyn had just taught us!

I am so thankful to Katelyn for sharing a day with us to teach us and I learned so much. I want my photography to make much of the Lord and I hope that you can experience his beauty through these photographs. Enjoy these photographs that I shot from the day of the wonderful workshop!