THE NEW WEBSITE IS HERE! {Anna Grace Photography Rebrand}

The new site is finally here!!! After months of work with the oh so talented PB&J, we have an updated and refreshed brand that we love. Kevin and I wanted to communicate through our new site several things. The first was this:


We believe in strong marriages and capturing moments of beauty, joy, and love that will last for generations.


At the heart of Anna Grace Photography is the desire for our clients to leave a legacy of love for the generations to come. Leaving a legacy through both the images and the loving relationships of the people in the photographs. A legacy of a loving marriage that was fought for each day and made it to the final days. We enjoy shooting weddings for people who are crazy in love and have meaningful relationships with their family and friends. We also love capturing the uniqueness of each relationship and sharing your story! 

The second reason for rebranding was that we wanted to separate the family aspect of our business from the wedding aspect. Most wedding photographers don't specialize in families so we wanted to have this set us apart. Having photographs of your child at each stage of life will pause time when you look back at the images. I love capturing a child's personality at every unique age and the relationship they have with their siblings and parents! I hope to become your family photographer and have the chance to watch your children grow from behind the lens. I specialize in sessions with children between the ages of two weeks old through the pre-teen years. The family sessions continue on with the legacy of love that is started on the wedding day.

We also wanted to rebrand because it was time for a change! After being in business for 4 years it was time for an updated look. Like I mentioned in the previous brand refresh post, the words we want people to think of and experience through their time with us is the following: 

Below are pieces from our new style guide!


So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite hot tea and take a look around! We are so thankful for the PB&J team and all of their hard work. We are thrilled with the new logo and website and can't wait to use the new branding in all aspects of our business!