TT: 25 Amazing People Who Have Impacted My Life

I can't believe I am 25! A quarter of a century??? This is a special Teal Tuesday. I was trying to think of a post I could do for my birthday and God gave me the idea to honor some of the people who have impacted my life the past 25 years. If you are wondering why this is a Teal Tuesday it's because its my birthday and I love teal :) Plus I am wearing teal in some of the pictures!

Of course there are many many more people I could have put in this post, but these 25 people have really impacted my life and helped shape who I am today. Jesus would be my number 1 but He isn't "technically" a person. Walking through life with Christ has been the most amazing journey in my life so far. He is my provider, first love, creator, friend and Savior. Thank you God for allowing me to live 25 years. I pray that I will honor you with the rest of the years you give me.

I wanted to specifically thank each of these people for being a part of my life, pouring into me, and loving me for who I am. These are in no particular order (because I love them all).

Enjoy this post about these wonderful people! I hope that I can have an impact on people's lives the way these people have impacted me.

I met Kevin 5 years ago through my best friend Claire when I visited her at Virginia Tech. After 3 years of dating, I have come to appreciate so many things about this man. (I will save that for another blog post!). I have loved growing spiritually and emotionally with Kevin by my side. Kevin has taught me how to laugh more, compare less, and be confident in the woman God has made me to be. He has become a great leader in our relationship and I am grateful to be dating him. 

Growing up it was tough for Erin and I to be close because we were 6 years apart. Now that we are older, she really has become one of my best friends. She is so easy to talk to because she is an amazing listener. She has a beautiful relationship with God and is going to go amazing places in her life. We share a heart for mentoring young girls that have been freed from domestic minor human trafficking. God has knit us together in so many ways!

I started babysitting for the Youngs when I was in middle school. I became the family babysitter for about 8 years and fell in love with this family. Every time Troy and Karen would come home we would spend 45 minutes talking and they would give me advice about things going on in my life. Going through adolescence they were a second set of parents for me and not only do I love their kids but I have loved getting to know them as well.

My best friend since I was in 7th grade. Claire has been the one person by my side through every major thing I have gone through. She is like a sister to me. Whether we are at the beach or at a John Mayer concert we have the best times together. She is a solid rock in my life that I can go to with anything :) I can't imagine my life without her.

There is no one like my dad. He has been the biggest role model to me growing up and he has all the traits I want in my husband. It has been really cool to see how Kevin has so many of his traits :) My dad is one of the most joyful people I know because Jesus radiates from him. I hope that someday my relationship is as intimate with Christ as his is.

I had to use an oldie for Lizz because we were so cute we were little! Lizz is my only girl cousin (besides Noelle who married my cousin Evan!) so growing up on vacations we instantly became best buds. SInce we only get to see each other a few times a year we try to make the most of it. Lizz is so much fun to be around and has a sweet zest for life!

Meg and I played field hockey in high school together. We have both been through the ups and downs of life and I am so thankful we have stayed friends over the years. Meg is one of those people who gets real with you and really cares about how you are doing. It has been really fun to double date the past few years with her, her fiancé Keith and Kev!

I know Greg and Brody are obviously two different people but I have put them together in this post as one :) My fabulous bosses from Blue Ocean Ideas have both impacted me in similar and different ways. They both push me to be a better designer and embrace the full potential of who I am in the business world. They are both brilliant and I really look up to them. I am so thankful they hired me two years ago and have loved working for them.

There is nothing like an awesome mom. There is something special about being the oldest because I have been the kid around the longest with my parents. My mom and I have become friends over the years and I love that I can always share things with her. My artistic side came from her and we share a passion for beautiful things! I am so proud of her for starting her new business and helping people get organized and make space for life. She has also showed me how to be a good friend to others and love them like Jesus did :)

Dawn was my biggest inspiration and advocate in the design world while I was in college. She is the reason that I have a love and obsession for typography and love to kern :) She is a great designer and teacher who helped me become the designer I am today. Dawn is also one of the teachers you love because she is real and personable. I am thankful I was able to learn from her while I was at JMU. 

Speaking of JMU and design that brings me to Helen! After working at Summer's Best Two Weeks together, we were destined to be college besties. We led a small group bible study together for 3 years, were in design classes together, and just hung out all the time. Helen pushes me towards Christ in every way and I know any time I talk to her on the phone I will be challenged and encouraged. I am so blessed in our friendship.

Every time I think of Austin I get teary-eyed because I love and miss him so much. He moved to Charlotte with his wife Kristy 6 months ago. It has been really hard not being able to hang out with him all the time but I am so thankful for the times we do get to see each other. Austin has always been the older brother I never had. We both went through the rebelling stage in high school but came closer to each other when we really started following Christ. Austin has become very transparent in his walk with God and I admire that about him so much. I can't wait til he visits again!

This is the only person on this list that I don't have a personal relationship with (obviously) but I had to put Beth Moore on here because her books and teaching has transformed my relationship with God. The workbook Breaking Free helped me break some huge strongholds in my life. I am so glad that she has stepped up as a woman of God in the leadership role of sharing her discernment and insight with women all over America. If you haven't done one of her studies I encourage you to, they are phenomenal. 

Lauren is my newest friend that is in this post! Last year we met at the Grace Women's Getaway and we connected instantly. She is currently my awesome roommate and she is the most encouraging person in my life. I can't wait for her wedding in September! Lauren has a beautiful spirit and is such a blessing to everyone she knows.

Greg was my design mentor/boss when I interned with Siquis one summer of my college years. I was so intrigued by Greg's design and just wanted to be around him to learn how to be better. He taught me that you never stop learning and when you get stuck on a design project, keep pushing until you get the result you want. He is a brilliant designer and I was honored to learn from him.

Luke is my not-so-little brother. He is 8 years younger than me but in the business world is going above and beyond. He is so smart and I look up to him in a lot of ways. When he has an idea for something he goes after it. I love his passion for helping people and want to adapt that more in my own life. He is very generous with his time and is also so fun to be around! Since he is renting space in the Blue Ocean office buildings we have been able to spend more time together :)

Keala and I met at JMU in the infamous restaurant Dave's. She is so easy to connect with and I have so much fun with her every time I am with her. Keala has a way of making me laugh even if I am in the worst mood. Keala and I both have a passion for fitness and I have loved learning from her in new exercise and yoga moves. She is so good at brightening up my day even from far away!

Kristy is the newest member of our family! Our relationship has taught me so much about grace and love. It is hard to let someone in to a tight-knit family but I am so glad she is in ours now :) She has a beautiful heart for people and has a passion for living her life for Christ. I love having a new sister in the family!

This picture really reflects CJ's personality. He was the Staff Member with InterVarsity while I was at JMU. His teaching, along with Beth Moore's, changed my heart for God. CJ has a way of convicting your spirit and causing you to have an awe for God that is so beautiful. He will never know the impact he has had on hundreds of students that have listened to him speak. He has a love for the word and truth that translates in his talks. I was blessed to know him while I was serving at JMU!

Elizabeth or as I like to call her (EMO for Elizabeth Moore) was my roomie in college at the Doll House. Elizabeth is super wise. She is great at saying, "Anna Grace, common that is dumb to think that" and she is totally right. I tend to overreact sometimes and Elizabeth helps me think logically about things. I am thankful for her Godly wisdom in my life. We also have a lot of fun going to Ikea together :)

Katelyn is one of the reasons I wanted to start my business. I have been following her for a few years now and am in awe at her talent, love for people, and photography. I met Katelyn at her workshop in 2011 and was so excited to hear all of her advice and tips. She was so encouraging and helped me to realize that I can be a great photographer if I am confident in my work and keep learning how to get better. She is a true inspiration to me and I love her images. I can't wait for her to shoot my wedding someday! We share a love for teal which is super fun as well :)

Deb was my mentor in college and taught me so much about being solid in my faith. She went through Breaking Free with me and that really helped me to overcome some strongholds from my past. Deb is very encouraging and display's it well with her wonderful family!

I met Carrie through the Young Life community in high school. Even though I didn't have a great relationship with God in high school she continued to love me and pursue a friendship with me. She is currently discipling and mentoring me once a month and I look forward to it every time. The Weavers are an incredible family who open up their home to everyone. Her wisdom has encouraged me so much and I am so blessed by our relationship.

Julie is my prayer warrior. She was my moms best friends growing up and they are still very close. I get to see her when we go to Austin, Texas in the summer and we spend time catching up on life. Julie is also very wise and gives me beautiful Godly advice. I have loved having Julie in my life for the past 25 years. 

Last but not least my grandparents! My moms parents aren't alive anymore so Mom & Dad Scott have been like a second set of grandparents to me. Mums is my dads mom and Jack married her when I was young. I have LOVED every minute with both sets of grandparents. They are so wonderful, kind and the biggest fans of my design and photography work. I treasure them so much. 

There are many more people I could have written about, but I wanted to highlight these 25 in particular. Thank you to each of you for pouring into me and impacting my life in such a positive way.

Here's to turning 25 tomorrow! It can only go downhill from here :) Happy Teal Tuesday!