Wampler Anniversary {Clifton, VA}

Jason and Julie just celebrated their third married Anniversary! This past year they added handsome Winston to their family. He was such a good pup during the shoot, smiling at the camera every time I called his name! 

Julie is a food and travel blogger and she recently published an amazing cookbook called Dinner for Two! If you are looking for some new, delicious, and easy to prepare meals you should check out her cookbook. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to take Julie's head shots, and when she asked me to take Anniversary pictures of her and Jason and their pup Winston I was pumped! 

We walked around and took pictures in downtown Clifton, Virginia. There were railroad tracks, a cool old train, and a beautiful wooded area. Enjoy these shots of the Wampler's!

Julie wrote a sweet "Cheers to Three Years" post on her blog that you should check out! Happy Anniversary you two!