Abell Maternity Shoot

MY BROTHER AND HIS WIFE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I am so thrilled for them. They can't wait for their little baby girl to arrive in January :)

We found out when we were in Maine this year and I couldn't believe I was going to be an Aunt! Now only 2 months away Kristy is showing and glowing. Austin and Kristy were in Baltimore this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving and Kristy's baby shower! Baby showers are so cute with all the little girly outfits and sparkle Toms. 

I did a little shoot of the two of them behind the elementary school that Austin and I went to. It brought back lots of memories! Kristy looks so beautiful and I know she will be such a great mom. And of course Austin will be a great dad!

I put some pictures of the baby shower in here too! We left Kristy notes on the bottom of the babies diapers so she would have something to take her mind off the doody. We also showered her with gifts, books and some rubber duckies for bath time!

I love my brother and sister-in-law so much! I can't wait until little Adilynn Hope is born :)