Baby Adilynn

My brother and sister-in-law have a baby!! And I am now Aunt Gracie!! I got to meet her in Charlotte a week after she was born and I fell in love. Little Adilynn Hope Abell is beautiful and perfect. I didn't have the chance to do a full on newborn shoot because Adilynn was still getting used to her sleeping and eating schedule but I did take a few! 

Babies are such a miracle and picture of Gods love. I have never loved a baby as much as Adilynn and she isn't even my own. We loved watching her make funny faces and holding her when she had the hiccups. 

My grandmother and her husband Jack came over to meet her. Mums was so cute with her! It was amazing to see 4 generations in the same room. I can't wait to see her cute little face again.

Enjoy these few shots of the newest member to the Abell family!

Congrats Austin & Kristy, I love you so much!! I am proud to be an Auntie to little Adilynn :) I can't wait to watch her grow up!