Golembiesky Family {Lutherville, MD}

This is the fifth year I have photographed the Golembiesky family. I love it!! One of the goals of my business has been to have repeat family clients year after year. It is a joy to watch the kids grow each year and photograph the developing relationships with their family members. I also love how unique each child is and how it shines through more and more each year! 

It is also cool to see how my photography has evolved over the years and how much more natural the images look now. The Golembiesky family is very special to me because I first photographed them when I began my business 5 years ago! I love being your family photographer and enjoy every session each year. This year, we did the photo session at Kim's parents house. It was special to see where she grew up and see her kids running around like she did when she was young. The trees in the backyard were GORGEOUS and I couldn't get enough of the fall colors.

Enjoy these images of the Golembiesky family!

I love the above side by side because Kim was pregnant with Grafton in 2012! Time flies and kids grow so fast which makes documenting the journey worth every penny. Also, so crazy to see how different my images are from then and now! You have to start somewhere. If you are dreaming a dream, get started now and you will be amazed at your progress over the years of perfecting your craft!

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