The Richa Family

Mark works in real estate and his website was one of the first one I worked on when I started at Blue Ocean Ideas. A couple of weeks ago, his wife emailed me and wanted some pictures of Carolina! I was really excited to take pictures of their family.

Carolina is a little over a year old now and was so adorable! You can tell that Kate and Mark love her so much :) The funniest part was when she would smile and do a good job, they would give her a small snack. Kate and Mark are teaching her sign language so each time she was hungry she would "sign" for more food. It was so cute! I captured a shot of it.

The other funny thing that happened was we started out in this one park and didn't realize it was closing so we got kicked out. Luckily there was a beautiful church nearby. That said, make sure you look up hours of where you are having your photo shoot just in case they close early!

Enjoy these shots of the Richa Family.