The Fabulous Jasmine Star

I had the amazing opportunity last Thursday to go theFIX in DC to see Jasmine Star speak! It was an incredible night with mingling of wedding photographers and hearing from the star. 

I learned so much while I was there! The biggest thing I learned was that it is really important to make friends with other photographers and work with each other in the business to encourage and support one another. 

Jasmine also gave many good tips on how to improve your wedding photography business and most importantly BE YOU!

It was so much fun to see some of my other favorite photographers including Katelyn James, Rebekah Hoyt, Ali Williamson, and Abby Field. They are so awesome!!

Here are some photos from the amazing night :)


She read from Exposed :)

Rebekah and Jasmine!

Love you girls!

The beautiful Katelyn James!