Baby Baxter

Another post about the Weaver Family! Last fall, I did a family shoot of the Weavers, and now they have an amazing new baby. They are such a beautiful family inside and out for so many reasons. They open up their home to anyone in need and care for people with the love of Jesus. It is so evident through the way they love people!

Carrie has been meeting with me for a year now and she has helped me grow in my relationship with Christ so much. She is such a wonderful example of a Godly Christian woman and I look up to her so much.

I was so excited when she asked me to take pictures of her sweet newborn Baxter and couldn't wait to capture his first week of life. 

Baxter Owen Weaver was born on March 13th healthy and beautiful! It was an honor to take pictures of this precious new life and document this wonderful new miracle in the Weaver family. 

The other 3 Weaver kids were loving the photoshoot and couldn't wait for their turn behind the camera :). Enjoy these photos of the new addition to the Weaver family!

PS my new website will be launching in the next few weeks!!!

SO precious

Little baby feet are so adorable!

Jeff is a big baseball player and is gonna teach this little guy how to play someday :)

Love these.

Baxter, you are the perfect little model!

The happy parents!

Kisses from the siblings :)

Carrie & Jeff you guys are awesome!

Tender strength.


Have an amazing weekend everyone!