3 Years with Blue Ocean Ideas

On February 14 not only do I celebrate Valentine's Day, but it was also my first day working for Blue Ocean Ideas three years ago. Working with these 5 people has been an incredible experience and I continue to enjoy it every day. I am the designer and creator of all things beautiful at Blue Ocean Ideas. We design websites, logos, collateral, print pieces, and brands. We help organizations tell the truth about who they are, faster.

Since I have been doing photography a lot lately, people having been asking me if I would want to do it full time. Right now my answer is no because I love working for Blue Ocean Ideas. I have a mutual love & obsession for design and photography and am blessed that I get to do both. One of the pluses this year was that I had the privilege to shoot the weddings for two of my co-workers. I loved getting to know them better through the process of being their wedding photographer. If you want the photos you can see Brian & Alissa's wedding HERE and Maggie & Patrick's wedding HERE!

This year through working with Blue Ocean Ideas I have learned to step up and take ownership of my projects. I still feel intimidated sometimes when I see the other amazing designs that people create in the industry, but I have to remember to stop comparing and do my best. 

Instagram's FlipGram inspired me to do a little FlipGram of the work our team designed this past year. Thank you Brian for putting my still images in a short clip! 

Thank you to Blue Ocean Ideas for another great year! Here is to 2014 being even better. If you want to check out a day in the life of what I do you cancheck out this post.