My beautiful niece is TWO! I can't believe how fast time is flying. I feel like just yesterday she was born, and then celebrating her first birthday. Being an aunt has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Loving this little girl has made me so excited to be a mom one day! I am so thankful Austin & Kristy decided to move back to Baltimore so we could all watch Adilynn grow! 

Adiynn's actual 2nd birthday was on Friday the 22nd, the first evening of the crazy blizzard! We had dinner at my parents house and then my dad drove us all home in the big yukon. We were glad we were able to celebrate before the snow came. Since we were all snowed in for the weekend, we did her photo shoot the next week. Kristy made an adorable sign for her to hold! Adilynn looked through one of her favorite books, "Happy Birthday Pookie" and took a walk in the snow.

Enjoy these images of sweet Adilynn! 

And in case you didn't see it yesterday, Kristy & Austin are pregnant with baby number 2! Sweet Adilynn is going to be a big sister! Watch the reveal video below: 

The picture on the left is from her first birthday last year! Adilynn, you are growing into the sweetest little girl.