ASHLEY & MATT {Cromwell Valley Park}

I met Ashley & Matt at Brittany & Jim's wedding back in June! I knew right away they would be an amazing couple to photograph!! I was thrilled when they asked me to shoot their wedding in 2015!! 

Here is the story behind their proposal! 

Matt and I had recently been transferred to VA for work and this was our last day in Philadelphia  before we were moving everything to our new apartment. At the time I was living in the city and Matt had suggested we climb the Philadelphia Art Museum steps that night and then go to dinner afterwards. We had recently watched Rocky and even though I was born and raised in Philadelphia, I had never climbed the famous steps so it sounded like the perfect thing for us to do before we moved. 

It was October but we were in the midst of a 90 degree weekend, so it was hot.... Really hot. When Matt came to my apartment after work I was hot and exhausted from packing and the last thing I felt like doing was going out in the heat to climb the steps. Matt kept trying to get me to get ready but I was not having it. After practically begging me to get ready I finally gave in and started to complain that I had nothing to wear since everything was packed. Matt ( thinking ahead) conveniently packed a dress and my hair dryer in his car knowing this was probably going to happen. It took awhile to get me out the door, but finally we were ready to go outside and hail a cab. Any other day of the week we could find an empty cab within 2 minutes, of course we could not find an available cab to save our lives. I said " forget it, it's too hot out here let's just order a pizza and watch a movie". Matt said " no no I really want to do this before we move". I agreed and we started to walk towards the art museum looking for  an available cab along the way. After about 15 min we finally found one ( woohoo!!). 

We arrived at the art museum as the sun was setting on the entire city. It was such a beautiful view and I was so happy Matt made me go. 

Once we were at the top of the steps I saw a couple getting their engagement photos and thought to myself " wow this would be the perfect moment for a proposal". Little did I know what was about to happen within the next minute. Matt started to say the sweetest things to me. The last thing I remember is Matt saying " You are my best friend and I never want this to end" I looked to my left and there was Matt going down to one knee and reached into his pocket and pulled out a small brown box with a beautiful ring inside ( which I later found out was actually Matt's great grandmothers engagement ring so it made it extra special). I was in complete shock! I knew I would marry Matt one day, but always thought I would be that girlfriend that would be able to figure out exactly when it was going to happen. As tears streamed down my face I couldn't believe I was ENGAGED! 

After a quick celebratory dinner we went on our own Irish bar crawl around Philadelphia. Matt even let my roommate in on the plan so she was there with her boyfriend to celebrate too. An Irish bar crawl doesn't sound like the most romantic thing but it was so us. One of the first times Matt and I hung out he had taken me on the exact same bar crawl in Philadelphia.  

We went to Cromwell Valley Park for the engagement shoot and it was a beautiful day!! There is nothing like sitting in a field while the sun is going down with your love. Enjoy these shots of Ashley & Matt!!