Behind the Scenes :: Wedding Photography

Ever wondered it is like to be a wedding photographer? Today's post is all about the big day from a photographers perspective. In this post you will get to see some images from behind the scenes! Thanks to my wonderful second shooter & Husband Kevin for taking these shots of me :)

A lot of people think being a wedding photographer is easy because you just show up day of and take pictures all day! It is actually a lot more complicated than that. It is about knowing your equipment, having the eye for what you are shooting, and making the Bride and Groom feel SO comfortable on their big day! Knowing how to pose is essential, but even more than that is just capturing the Bride and Groom in their element with all of their friends and family. 

I started doing wedding photography because I love being with couples on the best day of their life. There is nothing like it!! It is also fun to see all the different personalities of people through their venue and wedding décor. I love the whole day from the "I do's" to the big exit. Connecting with my clients and making them feel at ease on the day of is the most important thing to me when shooting a wedding. I want them to just enjoy the day and not worry about anything. 

One way that I help them to feel comfortable is by encouraging them throughout the whole day that they look gorgeous and are doing great! I also show them the pose using Kevin as a model to help speed of the process so I can get the most pictures out of the time we have :) Keeping things moving is one of the wedding photographers biggest responsibilities! Wearing a watch on the wedding day is the best accessory for me to have. I want to make sure the Bride and Groom get to the reception on time but also make sure I have lots of shots of the two of them!

Here are some images from the weddings I shot last year of me in action!