Helen & Thomas are Married!

I can't believe my best friend from college is MARRIED! This past weekend was so incredible. I left for Williamsburg on Thursday and had the opportunity to spend the night with Helen the day before the rehearsal dinner. We had the chance to hang out and be our crazy selves together before the big wedding weekend! 

I had so much fun hanging out with Helen all weekend and getting everything ready for the big day! On Friday we drove to Williamsburg and had a busy day full of prepping the reception hall, getting pedicures, and putting the flowers in the church!

Helen is so very dear to me and I was honored to be the maid of honor :) I wasn't the photographer at the wedding, but my wonderful friend Rebekah was! I can't wait for her to put pictures up from the gorgeous wedding!

I took a few pictures at the rehearsal dinner and some snapshots of us getting ready before the wedding! Check out these pictures of the night before the wedding and the preparing for the big day!