KATE & DOUG {Richmond, VA}

As an East Coast wedding photographer, I shoot a lot of engagements and weddings in Virginia. Richmond has been one of those popular places the past few years!! I love shooting in locations that are special to the couple so it worked out perfectly that Kate & Doug live in Richmond! We took pictures on their front steps with their sweet pup Maggie.

Here is their story from Kate's perspective!

Douglas and I met in the fall of 2010 at JMU through our mutual friend, Julie. I was struggling in one of my math classes and happened to ask Julie if she knew anyone who might be able to help - and she suggested Douglas! He was pursuing his Masters in the Art of Teaching, hoping to become a math teacher, and was kind enough to help me work through some math assignments. Fast forward a few weeks later: I decided to move back to Richmond and transfer to VCU. After I had been in Richmond for a few months, I went on a particularly horrible date and decided to call our mutual friend, Julie, to vent (jokingly) about how I would never date again. She interrupted me to say that she knew someone who might be interested in me: Doug! I agreed to one date, and Doug drove two hours from Harrisonburg to Richmond to take me out. We went ice skating (which really meant that he pulled me around the rink while he skated backwards the entire time because I can’t skate to save my life) and then we went out for sushi. For a couple of days leading up to our first date, Doug and I had talked on the phone, and I mentioned that I loved flowers, horses, and my favorite color was blue. At the end of our first date, he was about to drop me off at home and said that he had a gift for me. He reached into the backseat of his car and handed me beautiful blue flowers and a stuffed animal horse (which I still have today, almost four years later!). It was such a surprise and so sweet!  My main criteria for a husband has always been that he would be as kind, loving, respectful, and thoughtful as my own dad is toward my mom, and this gesture certainly fit that criteria! Doug and I continued dating for six months long distance and then he moved from Harrisonburg to Richmond to begin his student teaching. We were so happy to finally be in the same city and our relationship began to grow. 

Almost two years after our first date, Doug and I drove to Charlottesville for a JMU ice hockey game. He was the Head Coach and JMU had a huge game against Liberty University, their biggest competition. JMU won the game! After everyone had left the ice rink, Doug asked me if I would like to go ice skating. (At this point I was pretty sure I knew what was about to happen...) He brought me skates in my size and took me out onto the ice (again, he had to skate backwards as I stumbled out onto the ice newborn-baby-deer-style and held onto him for dear life). After we had skated a couple of laps, our song, “I and Love and You” by the Avett Brothers began playing over the loudspeakers and Doug took me to center ice. As he got down on one knee, he said: “I figure you will need an ice skating partner for the rest of your life since you’re so terrible at ice skating...Will you marry me?” (Doug likes to kid himself and claims that he thinks that he said: ‘Well you need a skating partner the rest of your life, so will you marry me?”) I laughed and said yes and the rest is history! May 16th can’t come soon enough! 

Enjoy these shots from Kate & Doug's Richmond engagement shoot!