Kristy & Austin 7.28.2012

MY LITTLE BROTHER IS MARRIED!!!!!! I can't believe it! Last weekend was such a blast and it was so fun to see Austin and Kristy tie the knot! They are both so special to me :)

This post is all about the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding prep and the end of the wedding! Katelyn did a fabulous job of capturing the actual wedding day and it was so fun being with her and watching her in action. 

The rehearsal dinner was a blast and was full of delicious food and sweet toasts. Along with a slideshow from when Kristy and Austin were babies up to when they got engaged. It was a blast being around all of my our friends and family and celebrating my sweet brother and his now wife!

Getting ready the next morning was also so fun. My mom, sister, some close friends and I took bagels and coffee to both bridal parties. It was special to see Austin before the wedding with my other 3 siblings.

Helping Kristy get ready was also so fun. Kristy was SOO excited and happy all morning! The best part was when Katelyn arrived, Kristy started getting all giddy about doing the first look.

Katelyn is one of my favorite photographers and the fact that Kristy and I share that has brought us closer together. This whole wedding process has brought Kristy and I closer and I am so excited that she is my SISTER now!!!

The wedding day went so smoothly and the weather was fabulous. The barn reception was a blast and so was the delicious Homestead Creamery ice cream we had.

Thanks to everyone who was there to support our family! I am so excited for Austin and Kristy as they start their new life together in Charlotte. I love you two!!!

Enjoy these pictures from the wedding weekend :)