Our Trip to Charlotte

This year for Thanksgiving we made the long trip to my brother and his new wife Kristy's place in Charlotte! Even though it was so far away it was worth it. I have never been to Charlotte, so it was really fun to experience the sweet North Carolina city for the first time with my brother and new sister. We did miss having Kevin with us because he was with his family this year.

One of the best parts of the long weekend was getting to spend time with my grandparents. As I have gotten older I have realized what a treasured time it is to spend with my sweet grandparents Mums and Jack. They are so fun to hang out with and have lots of amazing stories! 

This year Mums told me all about how Jack proposed and didn't even have a ring! Mums knew she wanted to get a gold ring specially made with gorgeous leaves and his birthstones on it. The ring is BEAUTIFUL and you will see it later in the post! I am so thankful for them and so glad they are in such good health.

It was also very special to spend one-on-one time with Austin and Kristy. I have missed them so much since they got married in July, so it was great to spend time with them. It was also Kristy's moms birthday so we celebrated that together. 

We decided to take some fun pictures on our last day together, so we did the classic lets throw leaves up in the air. At one point there were elbows thrown in people's faces but overall it was a lot of fun :)

Since I was a kid, we have the tradition of creating a thankful tree where we write on the leaves what we are thankful for and put them on the tree. I love traditions! I am thankful for lots of things, but this year I am especially thankful for my boyfriend Kevin, Araminta (the anti-human trafficking organization I have started serving with), Carrie the amazing woman who pours Gods truth into me, and the blossoming of my Anna Grace Photography business! God has done wonderful things this year and I am incredibly thankful. 

Enjoy these pictures from our Thanksgiving in Charlotte!