Teal Tuesday: A Nautical Bridesmaid Gift Idea

It is Teal Tuesday! I wanted to give you a little insight into my wedding planning and part of that was the way I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding party. There are a lot of different gifts and fun ideas of ways to ask your girls, but I wanted to do something personal and that had a touch of our wedding! 

There are a couple of pieces to the gift box I gave each girl. The first thing was a letter thanking them for their friendship and asking them to be a part of our big day. The way I asked was by saying this:

Thank you for being one of my anchors, will you be my bridesmaid? 

I am so thankful for my friends being anchors of love, trust and laughter in my life. God has blessed me with amazing friendships and I am grateful.

The gift inside was an anchor necklace that had their first letter initial on it. The initial gave each necklace a personal touch and also had the anchor incorporated. I custom ordered them from the wonderful Etsy. Etsy is a great place to look for ideas and the sellers are very helpful especially if you are doing a big custom order like I was! 

The one other piece I added to the box was a swatch of the three different colors of our wedding. I am having 9 bridesmaids and 3 girls in each color dress! I want my wedding to be a little unique and I figured this was one way to be different! I got the bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal and the great thing is you can buy the swatches for a dollar and then your bridal party can have your colors right in front of them.  

For a special beach touch I added a starfish to the top of each box (since our wedding is nautical/beach theme on Kent Island). Finally I wrapped each box in the color of the dress the girl was wearing. I used my sisters box as an example because she is my Maid of Honor :)

It was a lot of fun putting them together! I am so thankful for each of the girls in my bridal party. I also made one for my mom because she is just as important to me as my girls! One thing I would recommend is giving the gifts way before the wedding because then you get to see your bridesmaids enjoying the present. Many of my bridesmaids have worn their anchor necklace to my engagement party, shower, and just around! 

If you are trying to think of an idea for a gift to give your bridesmaids I would give them something that is personal to them and to your wedding. There are lots of ideas out there! Giving jewelry is a great idea because they can wear it again even after the wedding. And wrapping it in a pretty box makes it fun.

Here are a few shots of the gifts. I hope this post gave you some inspiration if you are planning a wedding and considering bridesmaid gifts!

Hope you enjoyed all the teal! Hope you have a great Tuesday :) I can't wait for the girls to wear the necklaces at the wedding!!