Teal Tuesday: Blessed

Blessed is the perfect word to describe this post. I feel so honored and loved in this wedding season :)

My bridesmaids, mom, and her friends threw me a wonderful bridal shower that was so beautiful and fun.  We played games, ate teal m&m's and I got some kitchen things for our new apartment. Needless to say there was a lot of gorgeous teal and I loved it!

We played a game that I used at Claire and Lauren's showers where you film the guy ahead of time and have him quiz his bride on how well she knows him. Everyone at the shower got to watch me answer Kevin's questions about him and our relationship and luckily I got most of them right! 

Shower Tip: To save money on stamps I brought all of the invitations for the women that were at the shower for them to grab before they left. I saved about 35 stamps! I would recommend it if you have your shower before your send out your invites.

I am so excited to marry Kevin in 26 days!!! And then I will finally be able to cook for him with our new appliances and gadgets in our own apartment. The shower was wonderful and I am so thankful for the amazing women in my life. 

Enjoy these shots from the shower! Normally I don't have this many pictures of myself on the blog but it was inevitable for the shower :) I love all of these women so much!