Teal Tuesday: Claire's Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago, Emily and I threw Claire her bridal shower! She is getting married in EXACTLY one month and a day!!! TIME FLIES. This is a Teal Tuesday because I used this beautiful teal yorkshire glass drink dispenser to hold the water at the shower! It has a litte dispenser and holds 2 gallons! It was an awesome addition to the shower.

We had the shower at this awesome downtown location called SkyLofts Gallery. Emily's dad owns it and we were so thankful to have it there. It was a lot of fun to celebrate Claire and Tyler getting married with all her family and friends!

We played "How well do you know Claire?" and our roommate Maggie won! I also asked Tyler some questions before the shower and video recorded his answers. We asked Claire the questions to see "How well does Claire know Tyler" and then after she answered we played the video of Tyler answering. Claire knew most of the answers but for the ones she didn't it was so funny! It was a great way to have the guests see Tyler and talk about Claire :)

Thanks to the moms and Maggie's cupcake skills we had delicious food. Then Claire opened all of her presents! Her mom had a wonderful platter made fo her with their wedding date on it and the logo I designed for the wedding too. It was so special to Claire. You wil see pictures further down in this post :) Emily and I made cute little favors that had a cup of hot chocolate mix and marshmallows in a little container. We figured it was perfect for a winter wedding.

I am so thankful for Claire and it was such a blast! The countdown to the wedding begins :)