Teal Tuesday: Heaven on Earth

Every summer my family goes to South Addison, Maine for vacation and it is HEAVENLY! You might think it is a little crazy that we don't have any electricity, have to shower outside and use an outhouse, but it really is one of my favorite places on the planet.

My dad's grandfather built the cabin over 50 years ago and my dad went to the cabin on vacation for months at a time when he was a kid. It is really sweet that I get to go to the same place for vacation that my dad went to when he was little :)

This year was extra special because Kevin came with us! Whenever we are in Maine, we always do lots of fun things including painting rocks, eating lobsters & fresh blueberries, canoeing around the island, and reading a lot. It really is a spiritual retreat for our family and I always grow closer to Christ when I am there. 

I have started to make it a tradition to read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers every year while I am in Maine. If you haven't read it you should! It is a book based on the story Hosea from the Bible, about how Christ pursues us even when we continue to run away from Him. I am thankful for good books that deepen my dependence on God. There is really something to be said about unplugging from technology and being at a house on the ocean to soak up God's gorgeous creation through reading and fellowship with the fam.

While we were in Maine, we celebrated Kevin's 24th birthday! We went down to the wharf to buy the lobster from the lobsterman and there was a BEAUTIFUL teal boat there. Of course I took lots of pictures of it :) Then we had a yummy lobster dinner to celebrate.

While we were in Maine this year, I was aslo able to have some special time with Erin. There is nothing like quality sister time! We went searching for sea glass and shells, which was so much fun. We did miss having Austin and Kristy there this year, hopefully they can come next year!

The highlight of the trip this year was after we cleaned up one night, Luke blasted a remix to the song "Circle of Life" from the Lion King and carried our pup Bailey into the room as if she was Simba. It was sooo funny! There is a short video in this post so you can see it if you would like :)

But then a few days later, Bailey got in a tisk with a porcupine and ended up with over 40 quills in her face :( We took her to the animal hospital and luckily she was okay!! All I have to say is be careful of letting your pets lose on vacation.

We had to leave Maine a few days early since I was shooting Katie and Allan's wedding the next Saturday. We decided to make a stop at the wonderful Barrazotto's cabins on the way home. It was so fun to see the Merwin's and hang out with John and Cricket!

Enjoy these pictures from my family's trip to Maine!