Teal Tuesday: My Love For Anchors

This post has been in the que for my blog since Christmas and I am so excited to share it :) My sister knows how much I love anchors, so she made me this beautiful piece of art for my wall. It is one of my favorite gifts I have ever received! The anchor will become a popular part of my blog in the next year or so ;) Just wait and see! Along with the ampersand.

I have always loved the beach, but I really started liking anchors about 2 years ago. I realized the significance behind what an anchor does and biblically how God and is hope is supposed to be our anchor. 

I love thinking about how if my life is grounded, rooted, and anchored in Christ, I have nothing to fear. His perfect love casts out fear which is so freeing! The other thing I like about the shape of the anchor is how it has a vertical piece and two horizontal pieces coming out of it. If we are pursuing a relationship with God (vertically) then we have the ability to love others outwardly (horizontally). I love that!

So that is why I love anchors :) They are symbolic to me of my relationship with Christ being rooted in His love and sacrifice. They are also super beachy :) 

Enjoy some shots of Erin's BEAUTIFUL work of art. She is so talented! 

Thank you for this gift Erin, I love it SO MUCH and everyday I look at it I think of you. It reminds me to be anchored in Christ's love. If you want to see/buy art from my sister you should check out her Etsy store!