Teal Tuesday: Sabbath Weekend

This past weekend my dad and I went to Bethany Beach for a mini spiritual retreat getaway. I have been SUPER busy at work, so it was really nice to take a sabbath for the weekend without my computer and just relax. My dad started off the weekend by giving me these beautiful light orange roses which I loved!

I look up to my dad so much and am so thankful for my relationship with him. I felt very special that he took a weekend and devoted it to getting out of town with me. While we were away we did lots of fun things including going out to delicious restaurants, doing yoga, spending time reading the Bible and worshipping, and of course hanging out on the beach!

Taking a sabbath from my computer meant not bringing it and focusing on quality time and being in God's presence. I learned a lot about myself and felt very refreshed with His joy at the end of the weekend. It is so important to take the time to rest and spend time with the only One who can truly satisfy. When I get caught up in work and the busyness of life I often miss the most important aspects of life. Serving, spending time with friends, using my gifts at my job and spending time with God are the things I want to be focusing on.

My teal bible is very special and I love reading truths from it. The biggest truth that came from the weekend was John 15:7.

"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you."

I want Jesus's words to remain in me and I also want to live by His truths. I am grateful that we have scripture to look to when life gets tough. 

The beach was a blast and so was spending time with my dad! Enjoy these pictures from our trip. There are a few panorama's tucked in the post :)