The Brown Croft Farm

A group of my friends and I went to the Brown Croft Farm a few weeks ago to pick peaches. YUM! It is my roommate Allison's parents farm where she grew up! It is in it's 4th generation which is so cool. The farm has been around since the Civil War! Allison's Popop is also living in the same room that he grew up in. I love places with a lot of history. They also sell their produce at local farmers markets! They grow everything from potatoes to strawberries, wheat, peaches, corn, you name it.

We spent the afternoon picking peaches and walking around the farm. Kevin and Zach found a sweet old tractor that I was able to grab some pictures of them on. It was wonderful to be out in the open air and be with good company.

Enjoy these shots of our peach picking day on the Brown Croft Farm!