The Gospel, Music, & Beauty.

I am not the most spontaneous person, but thankful Kevin is. I am more of a planner, but love when Kevin comes up with fun adventures. Last week our spontaneous adventure was a house show featuring the wonderful duo Jenny & Tyler.

The first time I heard about Jenny & Tyler was from my sister-in-law Kristy. They came to her apartment for a house show when her and my brother were at Virginia Tech! She just raved about them and told me I should listen to their music.

I started listening to them and loved them. The lyrics, melody, and style is so beautiful. They sing about God's truth and grace in a powerful way. In case you don't know them, Jenny & Tyler are a married couple who met at Delaware who love to sing together and are expecting their first little one. They are awesome!

Kevin and I went to the house show in Baltimore with a few friends and it was a lot of fun. What I loved most about the night was when Tyler was sharing the gospel of Jesus in between songs and talking about the grace that we can live in everyday. Jenny & Tyler are living out God's plan for them by using their amazing gifts to bless others. 

Jenny also talked about how they partner with IJM (International Justice Mission) in the fight against human trafficking. This is a huge issue that I am very passionate about as well, so it was sweet to hear them sharing that it is part of their hearts too. They brought cards from IJM for us to fill out, if we wanted to, that would go to congress to continue to fight the issue of human trafficking in the justice system. 

It was beautiful to watch them perform together and have one heart for God. Thank you Jenny & Tyler for being so real with us and sharing your hearts! It inspires me to continue to live for a bigger plan than my own interests & live for Christ.

Enjoy this short video of Jenny & Tyler performing "This is just so beautiful" at the house show :)