The Hope of Heaven

Yesterday one of my mom's best friends went to heaven to be with Jesus. Death is such a hard thing because most of us live sometimes as if life is eternal when it isn't. The beauty in death if you have a relationship with Christ is that we will spend eternity in heaven with Him. That is where Peggy is today.

Peggy was always present in the moment and lived her life to the fullest. She was a wonderful friend to my mom and hundreds of others. But most of all, she was an incredible wife to Scott and mom to Megan, Abby, and Emma. A few weeks ago Scott and Peggy renewed their vows in front of close friends and family. Scott has loved Peggy so well and they have portrayed a beautiful picture of marriage through this time.

Abby and I went to middle school together and some of my favorite memories with Peggy was when she would drive carpool and chat with us about how our day was. She loved God with all of her heart and it radiated from her. She was funny and beautiful. She was a health coach and helped change lives through her company Living Well. 

It is hard to know what to say at a time like this. Peggy was diagnosed with a brain tumor less than a year ago in February. Last year at this time she was totally fine and had no idea she would be with her Savior this Christmas. Somehow God is good through this. He will use Peggy's legacy to bring others to Him but right now it is hard and it doesn't make sense. These lyrics from Jenny & Tyler's song When Darkness Falls are comforting today:

Oh Father rescue me from doubt

Deliver me from grief

Let your joy in me abound

Remove my unbelief, remove my unbelief

You are stillness, you are quiet

You are comfort and peace

After Peggy had surgery to remove the tumors I offered to take pictures of their family. They didn't know what was going to happen but they did know they had Peggy with them that day and wanted to capture some moments with her. It was my way of loving the Buresh family through this time when I didn't know how else to care for them. I don't understand why God took my moms mom and sister from her when she was a child. I don't understand why God took Kevin's mom from him 4 years ago. And I don't understand why God took Peggy from her sweet family. I do know that God tells us to trust Him in during times like these and His plan and purposes are bigger than we can see. There is hope in that.

Death is hardest for those the person leaves behind. I am happy that Peggy is in no more pain and is with Jesus but here on earth we are grieving the loss of an amazing woman.

Peggy thank you for touching my life, my moms life and many others. I can't wait to see you again someday.  

We will miss you sweet Peggy. If you want to attend her service it will take place at Grace Fellowship Church this Sunday at 2:30. For more information about where Peggy would like donations click here.