About us


We are a husband and wife team based in Maryland and love capturing beauty & joy.  

Kevin and I live in Towson, Maryland, about 20 minutes outside of Baltimore, with our daughters Payton and Hallie and our rescue pup Sadie! When I am not shooting weddings or families I am either cuddling with Kevin and the girls watching Netflix, getting my sweat on at the gym, volunteering with the beautiful souls at Araminta Freedom Initiative, spending time with friends and family, or dreaming of our next beach trip. We are lovers of light and beauty, capturing timeless moments that will last for generations. 

Before deciding to make photography my full-time business, I worked as a graphic and web designer, and I bring my expertise in design to every shoot. Working in the design industry for four years has given me a unique understanding of photo composition and how to optimize each image during the editing process. I have a deep passion for photography and capturing significant relationships and moments in time. 

We are excited to get to know you and discuss the possibility of capturing memories on your wedding day!




We believe that photographs stop time and preserve memories of loved ones and relationships beyond the wedding day.  At the heart of Anna Grace Photography is the desire for our clients to leave a legacy of love for the generations to come. Leaving a legacy through both the images and the loving relationships of the people in the photographs. A legacy of a loving marriage that was fought for each day and made it to the final days. 


Our style is full of light, is joyful, romantic, beautiful, and real. We enjoy shooting weddings for people who are crazy in love and have meaningful relationships with their family and friends. We also love capturing the uniqueness of each relationship and sharing your story! If you want to learn more about the process and experience head over to the weddings page




It all started at a bowling alley in Blacksburg, VA.

Kevin went to Virginia Tech and I went to James Madison for college. My friend Claire and my brother Austin also went to VT, which meant several road trips back and forth to visit every few months. Claire introduced me to Kevin in 2007, at the on-campus bowling alley at VT! Kevin and I quickly became friends through group movie nights and embarrassing sarcastic flirting.

In 2009, we went to the JMU InterVarsity Melrose dance together, and a few weeks later on Christmas break, Kevin asked me to be his girlfriend on my parents' trampoline! It was one of those moments where you are looking up at the stars and you realize everything in your life is about to change in a beautiful way. It was the beginning of a lifelong adventure with my best friend. We went through long distance, a family death, graduations, and new jobs together. 

When Kevin moved to Baltimore in 2013, it was such a relief to live 10 minutes from each other and date in the same state. And funny enough, he lived with my parents for a year! After four years of dating, Kevin proposed during our family vacation in Maine by writing, "Will you marry me?" on a rock he painted teal. He knows me so well! Four quick months later on November 10, we tied the knot on the Eastern Shore with our family and friends around. It is true when they say your wedding day is one of the best days of your life!

2013 was also the year that Kevin started second shooting for me. Shooting weddings together is one of the best parts of our relationship because we get to capture the beautiful covenant of marriage and travel together! The rest of our story is still being written and I can't wait to see what God continues to do through our marriage and our business. 

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

Photo by Katelyn James Photography